Teaching in Community 2007-2008

Group Photo
Pictured standing left to right are: Judith Kamber, Andrew Morse, Cecilia Sederman, Allan Hislop, Ruth Young, Jaclyn Cascio, Stephen Slaner, Emily Gonzalez and Jeri Bayer Kneeling: Pat Demers Behind the Camera: Jayne Ducharme Missing: Lance Hidy

Photo of Jeri Jeri Bayer: “TIC was by far the most effective professional development experience I have participated in (and I have participated in and facilitated a lot). Everyone in our group is extremely dedicated to what they do and yet differ greatly in the ways that they talk about it. Everyone has a perspective shaped by their discipline and life experience and I found it fascinating and a privilege to gain insight into those perspectives.”

Lance Hidy: “TIC was a valuable experience. It was an honor to participate in the 2007-2008 sessions — and I hope the college will continue to support this powerful engine for community building among academic employees.”

Emily Gonzalez: ” TIC has given me new tools and new relationships which help me feel more a part of a community and that I am not the only one who has “bad days”. Others will understand and help me sort through things and come up with alternative ideas. Having these new relationships leaves me with a good feeling.”

Stephen Slaner: “I found the TIC experience very worthwhile. One of the problems with academia is the isolation from one’s colleagues, especially folks in other disciplines. TIC is a good antidote to that condition. All in all, I wouldn’t have missed TIC for the world. It’s one of the things about Northern Essex that make working here a satisfying, even transformative, experience. ”

Photo of Emily and Steve
Phtot of Allan, Andy and Judith Allan Hislop: “I enjoyed getting to know people that I would probably never have met; I now have a working relationship with all of them. Two of them, Steve Slaner and Andy Morse, are now part of my group of close colleagues. I strongly recommend this program for all people at NECC as a way to get to know some of the people that work here and to gain an understanding of what other areas at the college are doing.”

Andrew Morse: “I found the TIC experience to be most rewarding. We had a chance to share teaching experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. The books were useful in stimulating discussion, though this became less and less necessary as we got to know each other. I liked the fact that we were able to look forward to the retreat at the end of the process. Congratulations to the facilitators on a job well done!”

Jaclyn Cascio: “I am honored to have been a part of the TIC group for 2007-2008. Every meeting, including the TIC retreat, allowed me the opportunity to network with colleagues to better support my own professional development. More importantly, I was able to make new friendships and working relationships with faculty and staff to help our students succeed academically and professionally.”

Jayne Ducharme: “I loved working with Judith and Pat (co-facilitators of this year’s TIC project). They complimented each other extremely well. I consistently felt welcomed, validated and safe to share my thoughts and opinions knowing I had their true support. They created a safe and academic atmosphere where people were allowed to take risks and truly grapple with their thoughts about teaching and learning. I believe the best facilitators are those who truly “lead” through example and are not afraid of allowing a group to find its own voice. ”

Photo of Jackie
Photo of Cecilia and Ruth Cecilia “Telia” Sederman: “Thank you so very much for an interesting and beneficial experience. I particularly enjoyed the format of meeting each month for conversation and sharing a meal together in a relaxed atmosphere. I looked forward to these meetings as a way to unwind and share issues with a very interesting and knowledgeable group of people.”

Ruth Young: “TIC was one of the most valuable experiences I have had at NECC. At the beginning, I was feeling tired and burned out with teaching and looking forward to retirement. By the end of TIC, my enthusiasm and creativity regarding teaching had been restored. I highly recommend TIC to anyone who wants to put new life into their teaching.”

Photo of Lakeview Lodge Photo of a view of the lake
Photo of Allan Photo of Jackie hugging a tree
Photo of Ruth Photo of Emily and Pat
Photo of Jeri Photo of Emily
Photo of Ruth, Andy, and Allan arm in arm Photo of Ruth and Judith
Photo of Emily walking in the woods Group photo of the girls
Photo of Allan standing by the fire Photo of Andy
Photo of a view of the lake Photo of Steve throwing a Frisbee