Teaching in Community 2005-2006

Group Photo
Pictured left to right: Steve Corvi, Cathy Sanderson, Jim Murphy, Pat Demers, Steve Mathis, Stefanie Forster, Jim Sullivan, Alisa Bucchiere & Bill Zannini. Not pictured are Judith Kamber (behind the lens) and Diana Mele (who could not attend, but was missed).
Bill Zannini: “The partnering experience was very helpful; and, it was an eye opener for me to be able to discuss some of the things that I was doing in my classes that needed to be changed. I was also able to see how others teach and learn from them.

What can I say? The experience was amazing; I got to know people in the college that I otherwise would probably never get to know; and, I got to spend time with them and discuss subjects that were appropriate and timely for where I am as a teacher. The facilitators were excellent and they made the experience enjoyable and valuable. I wish I could do it again with another group; keep it going!”

Photo of Bill the Chef
Photo of Alisa and Stephanie outside Stefanie Forster: “This was a great experience for me. I feel more connected to my community of teachers, which is important since I am an adjunct. Getting to know other instructors and talking about teaching was important to me at this stage in my career, and it has helped me to reflect on why I teach and to embrace the idea that I’m not so bad at what I do.”

Alisa Bucchiere: “One of my fondest memories of this school year will be the retreat up in Geneva Point in Center Harbor. I loved every part of it and I wish it was longer than a weekend. What a fabulous way to continue all the discussions from the year, and to inspire new ones.”

Jim Sullivan: “Partnering was a wonderful experience. Sitting in on my partner’s class gave me some great ideas that I was able to implement in my own courses. Also, sitting in on a class allows you to see the teaching/learning experience from the students’ perspective. The discussions we had after observing each others class provided me with valuable information on what I was doing well. It also allowed me to see that I could make some minor changes that might improve the classroom experience for my students.” Jim S outside catching a ball with a baseball glove
Steve Cori playing baseball Steve Corvi: “The most useful element of partnering was that it provided you a professional colleague’s objective viewpoint on your teaching. This is particularly useful since we usually teach in comparative isolation and lack any feedback or interaction (students excluded of course). It also helped to trigger ideas to be used in your own teaching, from the classrooms you observed.”
Pat Demers: “I think my only comment would have been to be able to have two years in this experience. I think we had had great conversation and discussion of ideas that are useful to our lives as teachers. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program. It was very meaningful to me.”

Cathy Sanderson: “The retreat surpassed my highest expectations. I have a strong tendency to feel alienated and I didn’t for one minute at the retreat, which is thanks to everybody in the group. When were you most engaged? All the time that weekend.”

Pat and Cathy sitting in the grass, listening.
Photo of Steve M Steve Mathis: “More than anything else, TIC allows us to disengage from the daily routine, and then reengage with our colleagues, subjects, and ultimately, ourselves as teachers and people. Quite a treat in our otherwise hectic lives.”
Photo of Stefanie and Alisa sitting outside, touching their noses Close up photo of Jim M with his thumb on nose, hand extended toward the camera
Photo of Alisa playing the piano Photo of some participants dancing
Photo of Pat outsdie kneeling in the grass his head down on a folded piece of clothing on the ground A photo of two participants using teamwork to do a headstand
Photo - "Pat's got it!" - Pat doing a headstand un-aided. Photo of Bill and Judtih outside taking a walk.
Photo of Cathy walking outside, going down the driveway toward the trees and lake. Photo of Bill in deep thought
Photo of a group discussion Photo - "A picture of a picture" -  someone taking a photo of a group of people outside
Photo of Jim S and Judith walking outside Photo of the group sitting around the campfire
Photo of a fiery evening around the campfire - light from the fire distorted to make everyone seem to be glowing Photo - "Interesting Imagery" - firelight distorting the photo with glowing streams of light
Photo - "Is it hot out here?" - Fiery, light distorted, photo of the group sitting around the campfire Photo - "Somewhere up there" - Fiery image of the group sitting around the campfire at night, with the flames appearing to reach toward the sky (because of light distortion in the image.)