Teaching in Community 2004-2005

Sandra Devellis: “I appreciated the chance to be a part of TIC. The college’s generous support of this project has helped me in my professional growth. I can only hope that my students will benefit as I continue to grow in working with them to obtain an education.” Photo of Sandra smiling, sitting outside on a bench
Photo of Jorge outside sitting on the picnic table Jorge Santiago: “This was a great experience. I feel privileged to have been asked to participate. I see many changes in both my teaching, and attitude about teaching. I am now more relaxed as a faculty member. It made me focus on what’s important as a teacher.”
Marcy Vozzella: “What I think I got most from (my partnering experience), even with the vast differences in coursework, was a new look at styles in the classroom which made me want to access mine. My time spent with the partner was amazing – I wish we had more.” Photo of Jackie and Marcy outside.
Photo of Jackie outside, standing by the lake Jacqueline Pena: “During the meetings, I was able to verbalize many of my thoughts surrounding teaching and who I am as a teacher in the classroom, and through this verbalization I was able to then analyze and understand myself as a teacher better.”
Jane Gagliardi: “In short: A valuable experience that I would highly recommend to any faculty. I think that TIC helped me to experience a greater sense of connection and community at NECC and provided an arena to discuss teaching. Given the workload and varied responsibilities, I don’t know that I would have found the time and the colleagues to participate in such discussions without the institutional structure and support of such a venture. I am interested in the possibility of further collaborative experiences!” Photo of Ken and Jane kneeling by a pile of wood which will soon be a campfire.
Photo of Ken looking through binoculars across the lake Ken Thomas: “This is a fabulous program and I recommend it for all faculty members, new and old, full time or part time. The friendships and collegiality developed during TIC have helped carry me through a politically charged year, constantly helping to ground me, reminding me what my purpose is in teaching.”
Janet Clark: “I felt that I learned a great deal about myself as a teacher, and about ways to do the business of teaching better; I learned some very interesting things from my colleagues, some of them quite specific and others more general, but most importantly, I felt supported and valued in a way that doesn’t often happen sitting alone in our offices, or even in making casual conversation in the hallways. The classroom can often feel like a very isolated island where we sink or swim on our own, but we talked about real teaching issues in real classrooms with real students…” Photo of Janet outside.
Photo of four members of the group sitting on the benches outside Photo of four members of the group sitting on the benches outside
Photo of Ken and Jane standing by the campfire Photo of Sandra and Marcy outside, sitting on a bench
Photo of Marcy and Barbara outside Photo of four members of the group standing or sitting close to the campfire.
Photo of the girls sitting on the benches, talking. Photo of Jorge sitting on a bench outside, reading something
Photo of Ken outside looking through binoculars across the lake. Photo of Sandra standing outside by the trees
Photo of Marcy outside sitting at the top of the steps, deeply engrossed in what she's doing Photo of Marcy and Jackie outside.
Photo of the group sitting around the table inside, with a work of their art hanging over the table Photo of Ken and Jane outsdie, standing by the campfire.