Teaching in Community 2003-2004

Group Photo
Group photo of the Teaching in Community 2003-2004 participants at the year-end retreat.
Carol Barron, Professor of English: “Teaching in Community became Learning in Community; but whether it’s TIC or LIC, you get TLC for 9 months from eleven other teachers and that has made all the difference.”

Jim Murphy, Instructor of Performing Arts: “TIC can be as much as you let it be. The people running TIC and participating in the program are committed to teaching and are there to enrich the experience of teaching.”

Photo of Carol and Jim outsdie, sitting on a bench - talking.
Photo of Jeanette and Priscilla outside, sitting in chairs. Priscilla Bellairs, Professor of English: “TIC is refreshing, inspiring and provides a basis for an ongoing deeper relationship with colleagues.”

Jeanette Symonds, Instructor of English:”TIC was a terrific support network and an outstanding opportunity to really reflect on my purpose and expectations

Melina Draper, Professor of English: “Where else would anyone ask me to think of a metaphor of myself as a teacher as a tool to explore my teaching strengths and weaknesses? As a night heron, I was proud to find myself in the company of a belayer, a swing dancer, a gardener, a tollbooth operator, a vaudeville performer and Pedro Martinez.”

Mark Palermo, Professor of ESL: “We did a lot of living and made friends and memories. And when life gets hard, as it does for everyone from time-to-time, memories of life well lived are what can keep us going.”

Photo of Mark and Melina outsdie, sitting on a bench with a view of the lake behind them.
Photo of Amy and Gene outside, by the steps. Gene Wintner, Professor of Developmental Studies: “TIC provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better as a teacher and to get to know other teachers as people. It is a nourishing, supportive experience that all faculty deserve.”
Melissa (Sam) Sherman, Instructor of English: “The ‘community’ is the best bit of Teaching in Community. Getting to know colleagues away from the everyday atmosphere provided the most meaningful and enjoyable part of the TIC experience for me. Not only are these folks thoughtful, able teachers, but they are also fun, surprising individuals. I gained as much personally as professionally from my time in TIC.” Photo of Sam outsdie, sitting on a rock with a view of the lake behind her.
Photo of "Rock Star", Amy playing guitar.Photo of Amy and Melina outside, working on a projectPhoto of Carol outside, sitting in the shade by a table - smiling.
Photo of Jim and Melissa outside, sitting at a table - in a conversation.Photo of a beautiful view of the lake.