Teaching in Community 2000-2001

Photo of the group. Group photo of the Teaching in Community 2000-2001 participants at the year-end retreat.
Photo of Terry with an arm-load of wood. Terry Cargan, Professor of English: “Teaching in Community has lived up to its title. It has expanded my sense of what it means not only to be a teacher, but how significant it is to be a member of a teaching community as well.”
Photo of Terry K inside. Terry KTerry Kalil, Professor of Criminal Justice: “It was important for me to work with participants in other disciplines in Teaching in Community. I would listen and learn. I learned a great deal working in the group.”
Photo of Kitty doing a split. Catherine Dabrowski, Professor of Nursing: “As I reflect on my involvement this past year in Teaching in Community, I realize that it was one of my most valuable experiences I have been exposed to here at NECC.”