Teaching in Community 1999-2000

Photo of Barbara doing a yoga pose Barbara Stachniewicz, Professor of English: “I have said (repeatedly to anyone who will listen!) that the Teaching in Community project is the best thing I have done at Northern Essex Community College. It has had a greater impact on me as a teacher and as a person than I had imagined possible.”
Photo of Ginger doing a cartwheel. Ginger Hurajt, Professor of English: “My involvement in Teaching in Community has led directly to my best year of teaching. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in an experience that has had deep resonance in my teaching life.”
Photo of Jeannine with a bubble. Jeannine Press, Professor of Nursing: “I feel that the Teaching in Community experience has sensitized me to the dilemmas faced by other faculty.”
Photo of Susan M Susan Murphy, Instructor of Nursing: “It was incredible to be a part of a group of such caring professionals – to talk about the good days and the bad days. It made me recognize and understand Parker Palmer’s words that ‘bad days bring suffering that comes only from something one loves’.”
Photo of George doing a headstand
George doing a headstand