2017-2018 Participants/Projects

Ariel Chicklis, Student Engagement

Peer Mentoring and the First Year Experience

Peer mentors increase a college student’s self-esteem and academic self-efficacy, their perseverance in following their educational goals, as well as their achievement in higher education (Ferrari, 2004). Transforming the current Orientation Leader program into a peer mentoring model would ensure that peer connections made at orientation are lasting ones. These student leaders would begin their duties at orientation and remain employed throughout the year, providing guidance, outreach, and support to new students during their first year at the college.

Susan Leonardi, Library

Student Printing at NECC

Susan’s project explores student printing at NECC. By discovering why students print, where they print and what they print from Blackboard, we have an opportunity to learn more about how to improve student experiences and support the campus services that help students succeed.

Cara Forcino, Learning Accommodations Center

Peer Note Taker Blackboard Training

More than two decades ago, before the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), NECC was on the cutting edge of providing note takers to students who were enrolled in the highly sought after Deaf Cluster Program. Since the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADA-AA) enactment, the scope of who is protected under this law has broadened, and accommodation requests for peer note takers has increased. In order to better fulfill requests, keep up with the changing times and the latest techno-savvy generation, it’s time to modernize how we train our Peer Note Takers. Using the power of NECC’s Blackboard technology, and in collaboration with CIT, Cara’s Leadership Academy project will do just that.

Cesar Gonzalez, Tellez Marketing and Communications

NECC Mapping Application

Cesar’s project creates a web tool allowing our college community to navigate any location in campus. Easily find food, the nearest defibrillator, location of buildings, and more.

Pamela Medina, Human Resources

The Hiring Process, Simplified

Pamela reviewed the current NECC hiring manual and created a simplified checklist for hiring managers to use when hiring new employees. This project will benefit the hiring manager, human resources and the new employee.

Erin Colstad, Health Education Support Center

NECC & CAE Healthcare – A Strategic Partnership

Erin’s project has been a hands-on experience strengthening NECC’s relationship with CAE Healthcare, a manufacturer of high-fidelity simulators used by students in health programs. Erin negotiated better terms for CAE maintenance and support agreements, resulting in financial savings. She is working closely with CAE Healthcare to become a “Partner of Choice” which will result in further benefits and cost savings to the college.

Marsha Parinussa, Flynn Adult Basic Education

Pathways to Academic Success

Marsha’s project addresses the incorporation of the Center for Adult Education Programs and Preparation (CAEPP) within the administrative structure of the Center for Student Success. By doing so, she contributes to the implementation of NECC’s model of the Integrated Student Experience (ISE). Marsha’s project strives to connect developmental education to the guided pathways effort of the ISE. This will assist new and underprepared adult students to navigate the complexity of the college, pass critical program gateway courses, allow a seamless transition into the college and successfully further their education.

Lorena Holguin, Student Success

Creating Identity Conscious Communities at NECC

This project explores opportunities to connect and re-engage faculty/staff at NECC. A small focus group was piloted to assess the needs and share ideas among employees who self-identified as faculty and staff of color and/or Latinx.

Katelynn Donnelly, Accounting and Finance

Emergency Evacuation Maps

As an individual who works directly with the Public Safety Department at NECC and is dedicated to the safety of faculty, staff, and students, Katelynn saw a need to have Emergency Evacuation Maps in every classroom and office on both the Lawrence and Haverhill campuses. Working together with facilities, she has researched ways of obtaining these maps. Her project is aimed at the importance of the maps, what steps are needed to post the maps, and options to keep them updated.

Sarah Courchesne, Natural Sciences, Faculty

First Year STEMinar: Meeting your Meta-Major

The current First Year Seminar (FYS) course aims to help students gain their footing at NECC, adapt to the new demands of college level work, and build fundamental skills in learning, self-advocacy, and resilience. The proposed First Year STEMinar does those things, and places them within the context of the STEM disciplines. Students will begin to learn math as the native language of our fields, establish principles of causal and statistical reasoning, and scientific habits of mind, and build a social and intellectual community with students in their cohort and in the larger group of the STEM Meta-Major.