2012-2013 Participant/Projects

Dina Brown, Director, Student Engagement Center and New Student Orientation

Online Orientation

The Student Engagement Center & New Student Orientation Department set forth a goal to require orientation for all incoming students at Northern Essex Community College. While this goal is ideal, it is somewhat idealistic to think that we will be able to bring all new students to the campuses of Northern Essex. Only about 63% of our student population has been able to attend the in-person orientation. As a result, the creation of an alternative orientation becomes more crucial; hence, an online orientation becomes an excellent opportunity to reach many more students.

Al Hitchcock, Maintenance Supervisor, Receiving and Inventory

Transition to School Dude

I was asked by my supervisors to take the lead in changing the way that maintenance work orders were processed at NECC. This is the first major change in 15 years and, with the introduction of School Dude, I will be working with a pilot group of staff and facility workers to learn the changes necessary to use this product in the way it is intended.

Elizabeth Lewis, EDP Systems Analyst II, IT Client Services

Online Orientation Video Tutorials

The development of an online student orientation raised the opportunity to proactively address many frequently asked questions by the students. The materials created in my project (to be included in the Blackboard orientation) will provide straight-forward instructions to questions that are commonly asked at the helpdesk and basic introductions and tips to using online resources. These tutorials will be available on a self-help basis and accessible to students at any time. By creating videos we will reach students who are visually oriented and those who have other challenges in understanding written instructions.

Michael Nickels, Instructor, Natural Sciences

Course Redesign for iHealth

My project was to redesign a traditional 15 week Microbiology course and make it work as a hybrid 8 week iHealth course. My course includes extensive hands on lab work that would need to be integrated into a once a week course meeting. In my presentation I will describe the challenges of adapting my course for student success.

Nancy Nickerson, Professor and Department Chair, Mathematics

The Caring Teacher

Educators and leaders need to use “wholesight” in which their vision unites mind and heart. Inspired by Parker Palmer’s “To Know as We Are Known,” I have always sought to weave the two sides of teaching, the academic side and the human side, in order to create a practicing community of truth. Balancing the intellectual rigor with the ethos of trust facilitates a community of open dialogues. Yet, Palmer reminds his readers that educators sometimes view matters of the spirit with skepticism. In my presentation, I will offer the challenge of caring for our students in newer and deeper ways to create meaningful change.

Jodi Paris Anastos, Procurement Analyst, Accounting and Finance

Planting the Seeds of Civility

My focus is on the importance of civility for all of us at NECC. By practicing civility in our classrooms, workplaces, and in all aspects of our lives, we can make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others. By increasing our awareness of the rewards of civility, we can reap the benefits of a more respectful environment for everybody. As a result of my project, a segment on civility will be included in orientation at NECC.

Glennys Sanchez, Job Coach/Designated Official for International Students, Student Success Center

Job Shadowing: “A Day in the Shoes of…”

The Job Shadowing Program will provide students with career exploration opportunities by allowing them to spend time with a professional to observe their daily activities and to gain insight about the skills, knowledge, and level of education required for the job. The program also allows students to build interviewing skills and gain valuable networking contacts.

Prior to the job shadowing experience, students will be required to attend a series of career workshops including resume writing, MBTI, and a job shadowing orientation session. Students will evaluate their experience by reflecting on the extent to which the job shadowing opportunity helped with career exploration. A pilot program was launched in March to assess the intricacies of placing students.

Orquidea Taveras, Academic/Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Career Planning and Advising Center

Tax Filing Workshop

The Financial Aid Department at Northern Essex Community College is going to offer a series of workshops on financial literacy.  As part of this series, I am offering our students a tax filing workshop that will help them save money, teach them a life skill, and improve their Financial Aid process at Northern Essex Community College or any other institution.