Biography of DeAnna Murphy

Photo of Deanna Murphy

With 16 years of experience providing leadership training and facilitation to local and international audiences, DeAnna Murphy has honed the art of listening to the needs of organizations and individuals and creating highly relevant, customized programs and experiences. Participants who experience her professional services are most likely to respond as this participant, Bobbie Akerlund-Kotas, Service Education Facilitator, MeritCare, did:

“The classes taught by DeAnna Murphy were truly exceptional! The principles taught in these classes are core elements to effective organizations and personal effectiveness. With the challenges in a growing organization like ours, plus the hustle and bustle of every day work life, it is imperative to equip our associates with concepts and tools that are impactful and long term… Motivated employees left the training inspired to implement the concepts they learned. Comments like ‘life changing,’ ‘highly motivational,’ ‘empowering,’ ‘you have opened my eyes,’ are tributes to time and money well spent. We are witnessing improved communication and positive changes because of this training.”

DeAnna’s primary expertise has been developed in the emerging field of strengths-based leadership – coaching and training around the discovery and application of strengths, helping individuals and organizations create heightened excellence and engagement. She has achieved advanced degrees and certifications from Brigham Young University (MS in psychology – emphasis on organizational psychology), the Coaches Training Institute, FranklinCovey, and the Gallup organization (certified Strengths Performance Coach I & II).

She is currently working as a consultant/trainer for the Gallup organization, as well as providing corporate leadership and coaching for Northland College. She is recognized as the catalyst behind, and co-creator of the Strengths-Based Leadership Institute – including co-designing the curriculum, her own strengths coaching methodology, strength-based strategic planning process, and her unique and engaging TeamStrengths game, which integrates strengths discovery into high team performance. She is currently researching and writing her first book: Strengths Strategy – Actualizing Strengths in Service of Creating Excellence.

DeAnna’s Signature Strengths: Individualization, Connectedness, Maximizer, Developer, Achiever, Learner, Responsibility