Northeast Leadership Development Institute

NELDI – Northeast Leadership Development Institute-Chair Academy

The Northeast Leadership Development Institute (NELDI) provides an avenue through which community colleges can prepare their future leaders while supporting existing talent. Targeting a select group of community college personnel identified as having potential for leadership positions, the Academy will offer a rigorous and supportive opportunity for leadership development and networking.

Participants have opportunities to develop proficiency in selecting, integrating, and applying appropriate concepts from social and behavioral science and adult education in formulating and implementing approaches to leadership problems and issues. The Academy provides a systems approach to transformational leadership. The program is dedicated to long-term change. The Academy training is built upon a foundation of leadership research, theory, competencies, and best practices. Training occurs over time with measured outcomes. Leaders are mentored and coached during the Academy by experienced Academy coaches. Leaders are networked with mentors on their campuses and colleagues from their leadership class. On-going personal and electronic conversations keep leaders connected to each other, their campuses, experienced leaders, and the Academy. For a complete description of the program, please visit the Chair Academy website. Northeast Leadership Institute is the Regional Leadership Academy. The NELDI program is coordinated by the Massachusetts Community College Executive Office (MCCEO) and will be hosted by Berkshire Community College and Cape Cod Community College.

Selection Process

Each year the President’s Office submits the names of two professionals to participate in the NELDI/Chair Academy. The President notifies cabinet members to extend the opportunity to apply to individuals who they would support in their respective departments. These individuals are contacted by their supervisors and, once they understand the program and the responsibilities, they have an opportunity to submit an application through the Center for Professional Development.  Applications are received and cabinet members are informed at the April cabinet meeting.  Two participants are selected with consideration given to the professional development interests and needs of the candidates, advancement opportunities and access to NELDI from different areas of the college. Nominees are notified by the President.