Leadership Academy Participants

FY2023 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Angel Beato, Student Accounts
Melissa Bouse, Marketing & Communications
Sara Codair, Academic Coaching
Lisa Fabbri-Lopez, Human Services
Maria Medina, Academic Advising
Angelica Minaya, MassHire 
Jacques Morrow, SOAR
Stella Vlahakis, Institutional Effectiveness
Katie Yeaton-Hromada, Career Services

FY2022 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kelly Fisher, Nursing
Gabriel Garcia, Counseling 
Darla Lamanna, Essex County Corrections
Dermot Luddy, Center for Liberal Arts
Peter Maskaluk, English
Alejandra Mendez, Libary
Patricia Portanova, English
Lisa Proctor, Financial Aid 
Maxine Rice, Human Resources
Jessica Rocker, PACE
Tracey Trask, Public Safety

FY2021 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kalyn Ryll, Veteran and Military Services
Meredith Gagnon-Dube, Office of Admission
Milissa Duncan, Academic Innovations, Liberal Arts & Academic Preparation
Vanessa Desani, CPAC
Mike Rideout, Academic Advising
Sheila Corsaro, PACE Program
Maurisa Charest, Liberal Arts
Sharline Del Rosario, Early Childhood Education
Shirley Lusty, MassHire Merrimack Valley Career Center

FY 2020 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kathleen Bartolini – Human Services
Melanie Batista-Ortiz – Academic Advising
Doris Buckley – Psychology & Education
Tiffany Esmerio – Office of Transitional Support
Maria Hernandez – International Students
Kimberly Jones – Corporate & Community Education
Sheila Muller – Business BPS
Solanyi Munoz – Academic Affairs
Sandra Rochon – MassHire Merrimack Valley Career Center
Imogen Rosenbluth – Library Services

FY2019 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Nathan Gilbert – Marketing and Communication
Allison Gouveia – Student Life
Pamela Hallock – Science, Technology and Engineering
Risobel Lourido-Rodriguez – Center for Adult Education Programs
Holly Margeson Gamache – Art, Business, Communications and Technology
Rachel Oleaga – Library
Dianne Pappas – Art
Sharon Schoolcraft – Center for Corporate and Community Education
Hilmar von Strunck – Psychology

FY2018 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Ari Chicklis – Student Engagement
Erin Colstad   – Health Education
Sarah Courchesne   – Natural Sciences
Katelynn Donnelly –  Accounting and Finance
Cara Forcino   – Learning Accommodations
Cesar Gonzalez Tellez    – Marketing and Communications
Lorena Holguin – Academic Success
Susan Leonardi – Library
Pamela Medina    – Human Resources
Marsha Parinussa Flynn     – Adult Basic Education
Keith Pothier  – Accounting and Finance

FY2017 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kristen Arnold – PACE
Kelly Boylan   – Academic Preparation
Richard Brown   – Facilities
Stephanie Bryszkowski – Student Engagement
Erika Callahan   – Financial Aid
Paula Emerson    – IT Client Services
Joanna Fortna – Liberal Arts
Jennifer Levesque – Tutoring Services
Brianne McDonough     – Academic Affairs
Laura Mondt      – Library
Christopher Severance  – Human Resources
Vengerflutta Smith     – Enrollment Management