Leadership Academy Participants

FY2021 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kalyn Ryll, Veteran and Military Services
Peter Maskaluk, English
Meredith Gagnon-Dube, Office of Admission
Christine Terroux, Student Financial Services
Milissa Duncan, Academic Innovations, Liberal Arts & Academic Preparation
Vanessa Desani, CPAC
Mike Rideout, Academic Advising
Sheila Corsaro, PACE Program
Maurisa Charest, Liberal Arts
Sharline Del Rosario, Early Childhood Education
Linda Walsh-Romano, Adult Education/Corrections
Shirley Lusty, MassHire Merrimack Valley Career Center

FY 2020 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kathleen Bartolini – Human Services
Melanie Batista-Ortiz – Academic Advising
Doris Buckley – Psychology & Education
Tiffany Esmerio – Office of Transitional Support
Ted Flanagan – Health
Stephanie Haskell – Student Life
Maria Hernandez – International Students
Kimberly Jones – Corporate & Community Education
Sheila Muller – Business BPS
Solanyi Munoz – Academic Affairs
Sandra Rochon – MassHire Merrimack Valley Career Center
Imogen Rosenbluth – Library Services

FY2019 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Nathan Gilbert – Marketing and Communication
Allison Gouveia – Student Life
Pamela Hallock – Science, Technology and Engineering
Risobel Lourido-Rodriguez – Center for Adult Education Programs
Holly Margeson Gamache – Art, Business, Communications and Technology
Rachel Oleaga – Library
Dianne Pappas – Art
Sharon Schoolcraft – Center for Corporate and Community Education
Hilmar von Strunck – Psychology

FY2018 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Ari Chicklis – Student Engagement
Erin Colstad   – Health Education
Sarah Courchesne   – Natural Sciences
Katelynn Donnelly –  Accounting and Finance
Cara Forcino   – Learning Accommodations
Cesar Gonzalez Tellez    – Marketing and Communications
Lorena Holguin – Academic Success
Susan Leonardi – Library
Pamela Medina    – Human Resources
Marsha Parinussa Flynn     – Adult Basic Education
Keith Pothier  – Accounting and Finance

FY2017 NECC Leadership Academy Participants

Kristen Arnold – PACE
Kelly Boylan   – Academic Preparation
Richard Brown   – Facilities
Stephanie Bryszkowski – Student Engagement
Erika Callahan   – Financial Aid
Paula Emerson    – IT Client Services
Joanna Fortna – Liberal Arts
Jennifer Levesque – Tutoring Services
Brianne McDonough     – Academic Affairs
Laura Mondt      – Library
Christopher Severance  – Human Resources
Vengerflutta Smith     – Enrollment Management