NECC Leadership Academy

Welcome to the NECC Leadership Academy

Participants in the NECC Leadership Academy will explore their leadership in the company of colleagues in a year-long program that includes shared readings, discussions, presentations of leadership models, guest speakers and the completion of a project.

Perhaps one of the most important components of this program is the opportunity for collaboration with a wide diversity of colleagues.  Although it is important to study the craft and theories of leadership, leadership cannot be reduced to technique. For this reason, an opportunity for deeper exploration and engagement with self and others is encouraged.

The program is designed to build on leading from individual strengths. Our program begins with a one-day retreat. It is at the retreat that we will begin to understand our relationship to our work, our passions, our disciplines and the people we work with and influence. We will share our stories, our visions, our strengths and our hopes for what we wish to accomplish. We will have conversations that matter about leadership at all levels.

For more information, email Lorena Constant at or 978-556-3960