Strengths Based Educators and Students at NECC

What is a Strength?

Strengths are the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity. High achievers across time and cultures do not waste their energy and talents trying to be well-rounded. When they do something well, they do it repeatedly, until they master it. This is an intuitive sign of a strength, and it is the common element for high achievers — whether they are star athletes, master teachers, award-winning scientists, innovative artists, transformational leaders or everyday achievers. They focus on mastering what they do well, and they practice it until they make the amazing look easy.

Why Focus on Strengths?

Too often we are lead to believe that the best path in any endeavor is to fix our weaknesses as opposed to capitalizing on our strengths. At NECC, we are committed to identifying and building on strengths. We have chosen the StrengthsQuest tool to help staff, faculty, and students realize their full potential.

How do You Offer the Strengths Tools to Staff and Faculty?

Staff and faculty are introduced to the foundational concepts of strengths-based development as soon as they join the campus team. Strengths are identified and shared and play a significant role in individual and team development. New faculty are introduced to the concepts of strengths-based advising during their orientation. Staff members from across the college community (including the president) are committed to the philosophical concept of strengths development.

How Are Students Introduced to Strengths?

Students may engage with strengths development and application throughout many of their experiences in and out of the classroom, including the First-Year Seminar courses, Student Leadership, and other program courses.

How Can I Learn More or Request Training in Strengths?

There are multiple ways to access Strengths training at NECC. Through our Center for Professional Development, you can request a workshop, a facilitator for your team, a consultant in your classroom and Strengths codes for employees or students.  Marcy Yeager will be happy to meet with your team or with you individually regarding your talents.

Are You Interested in Strengths Coaching?

Marcy Yeager is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach.  If you would like to better understand your strengths, please contact her for a coaching session.  

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For more information, contact Marcy Yeager, at

For information on StrengthsQuest through Gallup, visit the following link:

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