Presentations: 4/1/11

Annual NECC Conference on Teaching & Learning

Date: Friday, April 1, 2011
Time: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
where: NECC’s Technology Center, Haverhill Campus

Presentations will be posted shortly following the conference.

Co-sponsored by: The Teaching & Learning Center and Academic Affairs

8:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Judith Kamber, Dean of Professional Development



When I am teaching well, I am like a….


Hispanic Males in Foundational Courses: The Target of a Staff & Faculty Inquiry Group (SFIG)

Melba Acevedo and Jorge Santiago

This presentation will focus on the SFIG targeting Hispanic male students within foundational courses, the work of the group, which foundational course were selected, and the barrier chosen. In addition, the presentation will include what the SFIG has been discussing on particular activities to implement, and how to implement them, to positively affect the completion rate among Hispanic male student performance within the selected classes volunteered by faculty themselves.


How to Make History Come Alive in the Classroom

Stephen E. Slaner

Have you wondered what techniques might be used to enhance the presentation of historical material in your classroom? John Berger and Alain Tanner, in their celebrated 1976 film JONAH WHO WILL BE 25 IN THE YEAR 2000, provide an example of a teacher who uses a sausage and a metronome to explain how history was visualized by 19th century writers like Marx and Darwin, and how it might be seen today.


NECC Poets

Joanna Fortna, Joy Gonsalves, Ginger Hurajt, Patricia Schade, and NECC Alumnus Delight Reese

10:20-10:30 Break

The College Success Seminar Pilot: Where Are We Going Next?

Clare Thompson-Ostrander and Karen Mitchell

In this presentation, we will present information on the College Success Seminar pilot. Our goal is to inform others about the College Success Seminar pilot, focusing on the pilot goals and the future direction of the course.


Sleep Technology: Watching People Sleep for a Living?

John Murray and Chris Rowse

The presentation will give an overview of the sleep technology field along with a brief history of NECC’s program. We will discuss the development of partnerships with industry leaders to offer state of the art equipment for our students and the development of distance education.




Poetry Set to Music

Jim Brown


What is Quantitative Reasoning and Why Should I Care?

Jim Sullivan

Explore how this core academic skill is used in different disciplines and why it is a necessary survival skill for the twenty first century.

12:00-1:00 Lunch

The Reading SFIG Presents: Reading: The Path to Success in Any Class

Patricia Schade, Bill Zannini, Marilyn McCarthy, Paul Cavan, Donna Marquis, and Clare Thompson-Ostrander

Professors of Reading, Business, Dental Assisting, Criminal Justice, College Success, etc. will share their experiences in using Reading Apprenticeship strategies in their classrooms.

Last year the Reading For Understanding SFIG conducted a survey of NECC students about reading. The most startling finding was that over half of our students do not consider themselves readers. And yet, here they are in college! Four faculty members went to a 3-day seminar with Reading Apprenticeship. In the fall of 2010, they, as well as other members of the SFIG, are using the Reading Apprenticeship reading strategies with students. We’ll tell you what we’ve learned and share our results!


HackSpace: A Different Kind of Learning Area

Russ Gouveia

This presentation will showcase some of the activities in our developing “HackSpace,” a collaborative learning area. Hackspaces are physical places where students can meet to learn and collaborate on technical projects. A HackSpace can be viewed as an open community lab where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to share resources and knowledge to build/make things. It is essentially a clubhouse for geeks to build stuff outside of class time. Learn a skill, teach a skill.


Time for Meditation and Flute

Joanna Fortna and George Medelinskas


Greening Your Day in an Integrative Way

Joanna Fortna, Patricia Schade and Barbara Stachniewicz

NECC Learning Communities will present integrative learning and the footprint theme. We’ll start off with an interactive trivia Q & A about local sustainable practices and activities, and then present some of our integrative teaching and learning and student interviews.


Community Service Learning Project: Respiratory Therapists “We Inspire”

Jennifer Jackson-Stevens

Last semester, students from the Respiratory Program researched, developed, and executed a Community Service Learning Project at the Greater Lawrence Vocational Technical School. For this particular project the were three goals: Asthma Outreach, The Dangers of Smoking, and Respiratory Therapist Recruitment.

In this presentation, I will share the methods used to execute this project and discuss ways to incorporate Community Service Learning Projects into other various disciplines.


Accordion Solo

Dick Goulet, Director of Facilities and Grounds

2:50-3:00 Closing Remarks