Presentations: 3/25/10

Annual NECC Conference on Teaching & Learning

Thursday, March 25, 2010
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
NECC’s Technology Center, Haverhill Campus

Time Event
8:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Judith Kamber, Dean of Professional Development


Patient Simulation:

Pat Demers and Sheila Kane

Clinical practice, essential for hands-on experience, does not give all students the same opportunities. The use of high fidelity human patient simulation provides varied clinical scenarios requiring problem-solving and patient management. Work is documented in the electronic health record and experience debriefed as to outcomes and aspects for continued critical thinking.

DVD available for check-out in the OFSD Library (B136).


Universal Course Design & Visual Learners:

Lance Hidy and Susan Martin

Campus specialists in Learning Accommodations and Graphic Design will talk about the Universal Course Design and Teaching Visual Learners SFIG, briefly describe Universal Design; making course materials more engaging to a broad spectrum of learning styles and abilities and increasing the use of visual content.


The ESL Learning Social Club – Let’s Be Diverse!:

Mariana Melo, Noemi Custodia-Lora, and Jane Thiefels

The Learning Social Club was designed to provide ESL students with a taste of college-level science classes. The main focus is on integrating science seminar presentations into the ESL class curriculum. It generates great interest in science and increases students’ confidence in understanding lectures at “college level.”


NECC Poets:

Joanna Fortna, Joy Gonsalves, Ginger Hurajt, Patricia Schade, and NECC Alumnus Delight Reese


Reading for Understanding Staff & Faculty Inquiry Group: “Why Don’t Students Read?”: </h3Patricia Schade and Paul Cavan

The faculty and staff in the Reading for Understanding SFIG will present their goals, research, and findings on student reading at Northern Essex Community College. One technique for engaging students in the reading process, the “Think Aloud” will be showcased.

10:50-11:00 Break

Video Presentation1:

Students Talk About NECC: Kevin Hatch

DVD available for check-out in the OFSD Library (B136).


Stayin’ Alive:

Rory Putnam and Ralph Wade

This will be a video presentation of several paramedic students led by an instructor performing their advanced life support skills in a simulation laboratory exercise. It will be designed to show the complex learning environment we use to prepare our students for practical employment in the emergency healthcare field.

DVD available for check-out in the OFSD Library (B136).


Oral Communication across the Curriculum: Another Classroom Strategy:

Linda Desjardins

People have been getting on board with Oral Communication Across the Curriculum. Here’s a strategy to take the idea one step further: on the days presentations are delivered, have students set up and chair the session as if it were a business meeting. They’ll acquire another skill set valuable to their careers and lives.

Supplemental Material: Duties of the Chairperson



Patrick Lochelt

Parnassus is the literary arts magazine of NECC, dating back to 1965 and currently ranked in the top ten of all collegiate literary magazines nationwide. While many talented students have showcased their excellent writing and artwork over the years, many still do not know about Parnassus or what it can do for them as students and creative members of the NECC community. Patrick Lochelt, faculty advisor of Parnassus since 2006, will talk briefly about the connections Parnassus has to NECC overall, and how it can be utilized in a number of ways to improve our school.

Contact Patrick at for more information on Parnassus.



George Medelinskas


What If Software Did Some Work for You? Developing the Laboratory Science Curriculum Using WIDS (Worldwide Instructional Design System):

Mariana Melo and Marguerite White

WIDS is a software for the development of performance-based curricula and programs. The Laboratory Science team used WIDS to link program outcomes and course competencies during the process of course development. Come learn about WIDS and how it helped align the program goals that drove curriculum development in the Laboratory Science Program!

12:20-1:20 Lunch

Video Presentation 2: Students Talk About NECC:

Kevin Schoenthaler and Michael Emery

DVD available for check-out in the OFSD Library (B136).


College Level IK Mathematics Courses for At-Risk Students:

Jillian Knowles and Nancy Nickerson

As an “Achieving the Dream” math initiative in 2009, Nancy designed and piloted individualized/small group (IK) college-level math courses targeting at-risk students. Nancy and Jillian currently teach IK math courses, which provide holistic relational approaches to mathematics learning to reconnect students to their mathematics learning abilities. Key components are small class size, group project work, interactive technology explorations, varied assessments, and individual consultations on mathematics blockages.


“Funny Dean:” An Oxymoron? Come and See for Yourself:

Sue Grolnic


Video and Audio Tools to Enhance Student Learning:

Isabelle Gagne

This presentation will focus on giving faculty ideas of where to find video and audio tools, focused on their discipline, to enhance lectures and discussions in both face to face and on-line courses.


Video Presentation 3: Students Talk About NECC:

Kevin Schoenthaler and Michael Emery (Continued)

DVD available for check-out in the OFSD Library (B136).


Taking the Leap: Implementing Writing across the Curriculum:

Kristi Arford and Patricia Morrow

In developing business and anthropology classes to meet the criteria for Writing Intensive (WI) courses, you may wonder why we attempted this daring feat as well as what the transformation involved. Hear about the rewards and costs of incorporating more writing into these two disciplines.


A Call to Service! A Snapshot of Service Learning: Paula Richards, Ginger Hurajt, Cecilia Sederman and Biff Ward

This multi-media presentation is a fast-paced snapshot of several Service Learning projects that NECC faculty and students have completed during the past year. Experience the rewards and challenges. Be inspired!

Contact any one of the presenters to view their presentations which include student photos.


Video Presentation 4:

Students Talk About NECC: Stella Evans

DVD available for check-out in the OFSD Library (B136).

3:25-3:30 Closing Remarks