Adjunct Teaching & Learning Faculty Fellow

Meet your Faculty Fellow

The Faculty Fellows at the NECC Center for Professional Development are available for individual and group coaching on all aspects of the teaching experience. Check out their bios below and reach out to them for tips, support and creative ideas for the classroom – or just to ask a question.

photo of Pamela Hallock

Pamela Hallock-STEM (Chemistry Instructor)

Pamela is in her sixth-year teaching Chemistry at NECC and is currently the Adjunct Faculty Fellow.  Pamela’s Leadership Academy project came to fruition this semester with the formation of a partnership between NECC and UMass Lowell Chemistry Departments, allowing NECC students to perform labs at UML.  She has also taught Forensic Science and Developmental Math at the college level.  Pamela has Bachelors degrees in Environmental Studies from SUNY Buffalo, and in Chemistry from UMass Lowell, an MS in Chemistry from Tufts University, and performed Ph.D. research and coursework at Northeastern.  In addition to her work at NECC, Pamela developed the Chemistry curriculum at York County Community College, has taught at Great Bay Community College, and has industry experience as a Product Development Chemist at Thermo-Fisher Scientific. Outside the classroom, Pamela plays the fiddle and sings with local musicians.